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Cancelling my internet

Level 2
Hi again
I have spoken to one of customer service operator and said my cancellation is in progress so i have requested email me cancellation is on progress and as she said i can get refund. She said no problem she ll do now but since I haven’t heard anything from them again.
I don’t understand why it’s so slow send me email to confirm that cancell is on progress.
When i was joining with tpg money out of bank quick as light and confirm email was same time i was still on the phone
Please cancel internet ASAP!!!!

Hi @Vany1 ,

We apologise for the delay and understand you feel that your cancellation request is taking far too long to process. We've seen that one of our Account Specialists is scheduled to contact you today to provide you the case progress, make sure to keep your mobile phone available for the call.


To avoid redundancy and confusion we'll provide updates on your initial post located here.   Cancelling my internet