Changing plans

Level 2

 I've been attempting to change plans over the last 4 days, but registration fails with error "E:adsl_comm:thread_exists". Could you please organise for the change from Fixed Wireless 12mbps plan to FIxed Wireless 25mbps?  Account # 6277708; I need to be on the 25mbps plan (we're regional, so no 50/100 plans), which has no phone-calls included.


Regardless of whether or not this is possible, can you please contact me on email with a case number, so I can track progress or find an alternative? We have an urgent project underway, and this is stalling it - would really appreciate some help!


Please note, before you refer me to your chat support - there appears to be a problem getting/staying on the queue - on the two occassions I've managed to get on, both sessions were closed without resolution (Customer Support and Technical Support).