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Complaint re appaling customer service

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I am posting this as a formal complaint, and for other potential customers to have a good read before they think about joining TPG, as I had one of the most frustrating experiences of my life today. I am due to move to a new home next week, and thought I'd use the online system to request switching my broadband over to the new home. However, there were no options regarding the date i would like the service to be changed over, and I ended up on a page saying my request for changing homes had been processed. I called TPG customer service immediately, and explained that i wanted my service to changed to the new home next weekend, not now. She told me that the initial request had been cancelled, and that my service will be changed to the new home next week as I wanted, and all i had to do was ring again the day prior if i wanted to double check everything.

Lo and behold, later this evening, my internet at my current home was disconnected. I called TPG, where I was bounced from customer service, to home moving, then back to customer service, all with substantial hold times in between (total of more than an hour), only to be told that the internet service had been already moved to the new home, and as it is the weekend, i wont have my internet back until next week. Furthermore, they stated it would take until about Thursday until they can reverse everything so that I have internet again in my current home. I asked to speak to a more superior customer service representative as i wanted to see if anything could be done to reverse this, and she herself only gave me suggestions on what might happen, but not actually provide with me any final solution or compensatory offer apart from having someone call me back on Monday to further discuss. I then called again and asked if i could cancel my service entirely given the appaling customer service i was receiving, and the person on the phone said my cancellation fee could be waived but he could not give me an answer whether the remaining funds on my billing cycle would be refunded back to me.

I am very disappointed at the fact that an error on TPG's part, and failure to communicate my request properly (which i was told was sorted), has led to me, a loyal customer for years, to go through such inconvenience without any clear solution given to me after hours of being on the phone, and being asked the same questions over and over. I do not understand why I have to suffer from the incompetence of your team, after i was clearly told my request to have my internet moved next week and not now was understood and actioned. At a time of covid when many of us have to work from home, the lack of having prompt internet service is extremely stressful, and I hope TPG understands this.

I hope to hear back from TPG soon regarding how they will deal with this case. One point i would like to make is that they increase training amongst staff so that this kind of mistake doesnt happen to any other customer, and considering removing the need for us to verify our identity every single time we speak to a new person when you were the ones redirecting us to the person. The online portal to move homes should also ask which date we woud like a service moved. It would also be nice to have someone with a bit more power available around the clock who can help manage situations like this, because everyone i spoke to could not give me any clear answer as to how they could address this problem for me, and advised to wait for a call back on Monday.

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I am sad to learn about the inconvenience that this has caused you. We will treat this as a complain and we'd like to take this opportunity to turn around your experience and get to the bottom of this. To better understand the situation please send me your account details (Username/Customer ID together with your best contact number and preferred time).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community