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Constant Drop Outs

Level 1b


Over the past few weeks my NBN service has been experiencing extremely frequent drop outs and veeery slow speeds. I have scheduled a daily reset of the modem but this has not helped. This evening like many over the past few weeks I had a run of drop outs and could not connect to my workplace because the connection is so bad.


Looking at the log on the modem (TP-Link TL-WDR4300 v1 running Gargoyle v1.10) I see a lot of this...


Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: LCP terminated by peer
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: Connect time 4.0 minutes.
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: Sent 24226807 bytes, received 7811603 bytes.
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'pppoe-wan' link is down
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 daemon.notice pppd[1640]: Modem hangup
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 daemon.notice pppd[1640]: Connection terminated.
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: Sent PADT
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: Terminating on signal 15
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 pppd[1640]: Exit.
Tue Oct 23 20:41:54 2018 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wan' is now down

How can I prevent these frequent drop outs?





Hi @OzKing,


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Community!


We would be more than happy to investigate for you to see what can be done to improve your connection's performance.


I've just ran remote test and the results does not show a physical fault on the line or with the network. However, it does shows multiple connection dropouts caused by an overutilize upload speed.


I can see that you are currently on our NBN12 which has a typical evening speed of 10.9Mbps download and ideal for essential use and 1-2 users. This plan is configured on nbn12 Wholesale Plan tier with 1Mbps upload.


If you upload more than the plan speed this can cause your connection to drop as NBN will start discarding information you send across the connection.


I would recommend to watch out for any random programs uploading, such as iCloud drive, dropbox, bit-torrent, one drive. Any of these can cause the connection to feel slow, especially on the 12mbps plan.


You can try to perform an isolation test to check if turning these cloud applications off will resolve the problem.


Can you also please confirm if you are using the supplied TPG modem? If not, please let us know the make and model of your modem.


Please let us know how it goes.




Level 1b
A long long time ago I was sent a Netcomm N300 wifi router. I replaced this with a TPLink TL-WDR4300 running Gargoyle firmware v1.10 for its superior quota and restriction features.

This has been fine for years.

In recent months we have had periods of time where our connection is instable and drops out every few minutes. I understand that if I try uploading too much it will seem slow but surely the connection shouldn't be severed altogether?!

As at 21:30 AEST 7/11/2018 I see in my modem log for the past hour, EVERY 2 minutes: `LCP terminated by peer`.

Why is TPG terminating my connection all the time?


Hi @OzKing,


Thanks for raising this to us. I ran initial tests on your service it shows multiple dropouts on the line. I would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further test and investigation.


PM me your best contact number and preferred time tomorrow.




Hi @OzKing,


Thanks for sending me your details. We arranged a call from one of our Technicians today between 2PM-5PM Sydney time.

Make sure you'll be available for the call and let us know how it will go.




Hi @OzKing,


Our Technicians tried to call you earlier between 2-5PM but no avail. If you have free time, please call 131423, option 2 for assistance.