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Constant buffering when streaming video

Level 3

Hi TPG, just had TPG FTTB connected today. Speedtests have shown great numbers. However am encountering constant buffering problems when live streaming, are you able to help me with some steps I can take? It seems any video pre-loading stops soon after a certain point i.e. if I am watching something at the 5 miniute mark it will stop pre-loading at say 6 mins. But then the movie goes on to reach that point soon and stops or buffers (loading is not keeping up)


Speedtests have indicated download speeds of 70-90, although one of the tests dropped to about 6 mbps download - that I have no idea why (ran about 10 tests today).

These tests were mostly run on wired but on WLAN also similar results.

I have tried streaming from same site using both PC and my phone, in both cases when using TPG this issue occurs, however when I switch to use my mobile phone data this problem completely disappears.

This is of course very frustrating as the whole point of getting the fast speed unlimited plan is to be able to do these things and meaning speed tests itself do not reflect the true qualilty of the connection.


Please advise, thanks


Level 3
Just did a few more tests, seems problem is stability, it just dropped too 4 mbps suddenly.
Community Manager

Hi @panda1234,

Thanks for raising the issue your experiencing in the TPG Community.

We really want to get to the bottom of this for you so i have forwarded your details to our technical team to call you back after they do some initial testing.


If you have a preferred time for call back to do further troubleshooting please reply here.


If you can the below info ready before we call it will be great.

  1. Speedtest results (date and time)
  2. Website you are streaming
  3. Time of issue