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[Critical] Frequent drops in my connection - Requesting Immediate Help!

Level 2
Hi TPG Support Team,
My internet connection has been giving me problems for the last few days. On 13th, I had complete down time for about an hour and then Rajen from TPG helped get it resolved. I even got a call today morning and told them it was resolved. But shortly after the call, I'm facing frequent drops and the connection is unstable. Can you please help get this permanently fixed so that I have a stable connection as I'm working from home and it is critical.

Customer ID: 6763849
Full Name: Vinaysh Sureshram

Hi @vinayshs89


-I'm not seeing your connection is dropping. Your connection is showing a stable connection for the last 3 days and 2 hours.

-When your connection drops do any of the lights on the modem go out?


Might be worth having a read through our Improving article.