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I just got disconnected from the internet a few hours ago,  postcode 2134. is there any issues reported from that Burwood area? and when can u guys fix it?


Hi @sz2b1234 


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I'm sorry about the service disruption you've been experiencing. I can see that you have already contacted our Technical Team earlier. As discussed over the phone, there's an NBN outage affecting 273 customers. This was raised by NBNCo at 2:06PM AEST.They have engaged their Field technicians to investigate. Based on the last update from NBNCo which was at 7:07PM AEST, they mentioned that their Field technicians will have to return tomorrow morning since access to the MDU is between 7AM - 2PM only. There's no Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) at this time.


Your case was already raised earlier to our Monitoring Team. Once the issue is fixed or when an ETR is available, you will be notified via SMS.



Level 1a

The internet is still not working at burwood. please fix it as soon as possible.  dont let me w8 for another 2 weeks, it is 3rd-time disconnection since i changed TPG.  i m out of my patience.


Hi @sz2b1234,


My apologies that your service is still not working at this point. From what I can tell, the NBN outage is still ongoing. The last update from NBNCo was at 2:31PM AEST wherein they found out that the issue is from a fibre fault located within a third party network. NBNCo has already engaged with the said network owner to rectify the issue. There's no ETR yet at this time. As noted previously, our Technical Team is already monitoring the case and you will be notified via SMS once the issue is resolved or if there's an ETR for the said outage.