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DSL drops out

Level 1a
Why does my DSL keep dropping out? Im using the TPG modem and my internet keeps dropping out several times a day and the DSL light on the modem keeps flashing?

Hi @Wotto 


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Thanks for raising this with us. I was able to check the status of your connection and run some tests. We're detecting a possible line fault that may need to be raised to NBNCo. I have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for further assistance. You will be provided an update within 24 hours regarding this case via SMS or phone call. If you have other concerns, feel free to leave a comment.



Level 1a

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from someone!


Hi @Wotto,


I can see that you were already contacted by our Engineering Team today. As discussed, this has been raised to NBNCo. Further updates will be provided to you by an Engineer once they become available.