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Daily Reset of modem

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Have just changed to WIN10.


All phyisical connections ok, but evertime i turn on computor, i have to reset modem to get connection.

Wireless works fine, problem just at desk top hard wired connection.

I am usingfirefox as browser.



Hi @Horse3601,


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It's strange that your wired computer is having issues connecting to the internet.


Have you tried connecting it to a different LAN port on the modem? How about using a different LAN cable? Have you also tried using a different computer for comparative testing?

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Have used a new LAN cable, and it is a new computer running WIN10

Logged on this morning, and had same problem, but it did not reset when I reintiated Modem.

Had to master reset NBN interface to get  back on line.

We have NBN HFC.




Thanks @Horse3601. Are you able to PM us your TPG customer ID, username and address so we can pull up the account and check the status of the service?


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


Thanks for providing the account details via PM, @Horse3601.


Is there a way that you can try to use a different computer with different Operating System?

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Yes should be able to.

I have the old computer still.

Pretty sure it will work on dramas, as the wireless connectivity has been working no problems.


Have you connected the old computer via ethernet cable?

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no sorry, not at home, wont be able to do until this evening


Oh! Not a problem. You can try it once you get home and please keep us posted. Thank you.

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Has been done, and all is good.


Not sure what is happening, when I came home new computer connected OK.


Logged off and came back to it and could not get internet.


Connected straight to old pc running Linux and connected straight away