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Default Wifi Password for TPG ADSL Modems?

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I have a friend who received a replacement TPG ADSL Modem and they wanted to know what the default wireless network name and password are.


For NBN these are written on a sticker on the router but for ADSL the sticker is missing this information. Any ideas?

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Maybe it can help you out.


Try to look at the bottom of the modem that says " SSID " or " Network Name ".


Usually, it started like " TPG - ( combination of numbers and letters ).


Normally, Wifi password should be your friend's TPG Password. If it didn't work, Please do not


hesistate to call TPG at 131423 option 2 + 2.



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Hi Zafrayn,


Any idea how we can find our TPG account password if we dont know it?