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Determine IP Address from External Location

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Not sure what board this should go in, please advise if wrong board...


I would like to know if and how I am able to determine the IP address of my TPG connection when I am not at the location of that connection?


In short...

* My Home connection is TPG FTTN

* I am at work

* From work, how to find the IP Addres sof Home?


I know that if I'm at home, I could simply find out my WAN/IP Address. Is there a way, perhaps via the TPG Account pages, that I can determine this address?





Hi @rkrite,


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The current dynamic IP assigned to your TPG connection is not recorded on TPG "My Account".


As of the moment, there is no way for the dynamic ip address to be retrieved remotely. 


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Hi, I am jumping in a bit late on this discussion.


Is it still the case that the dynamic IP address is not recorded on TPG 'My Account".


If that is the case, would ringing the TPG HelpDesk be able to provide the currently assigned IP address?


Thx, JonS

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Hi @jonstan You can find your current IP by simply logging into your modem, it'll usually be on the first page you land on, or you can use a website like this or

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IP address is not recorded in My Account.

Can we know why you need your IP address when you're away?

Is it somehing to do with remote management?

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Thx. The reason is I would like to be able to wake up my PC from sleep remotely (ie, away from home). I can do this from my android phone if I have the external IP address (seems to require this). But if the IP address has changed I can't connect to it.


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Okay that's pretty simple.

Use Teamviewer.

It doesn't need the IP address. You just have to setup a password to connect to your P.C remotely

Look it up on google it may work for you perfectly.


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OK, can you pls bear with me? I did initially try Team ViewerViewer, didn't get as far as I wanted because I wrecked up my accounts password and with the free version, their 'reset password'password' facility doesn't work (even 6 months later), so I gave up on it.


But are you correct in that you say Team Viewer doesn't need an external IP if your computer is asleep?


I use Remote Utilities instead of Team Viewer and I can connect fine to my PC if it is running because it has its its host actively running (as does Team Viewer). But it doesn't work if the PC is sleeping (and you are not connected through your Lan or Wan). To do that you have to sent a magic packet to your network card via your modem and to do that, you need your external IP address (otherwise how does it locate your device?).


That's my basic understanding anyway. Thx JonS

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Yeah the last time I checked it has a Wake-On-LAN feature where you can wakeup a sleeping computer via Internet.

It can use either the IP address or TeamViewer ID for those who have dynamic IP address.

The requirments that it needs is that the computer is connected to a power source, network card supports Wake-on-LAN, computer has an Internet connection and is connected to the Internet via a Ethernet Cable.


I did a quick google search and found a manual and introduction to this feature





I have not use Teamviewer for years so I cant give you my personal feedback about this.


Alternatively you can use Dyn DNS and configure your router and this requires a lot of configuring.

You need to configure the P.C and the router for the Dyn DNS and port forwarding and also firewall "depends on your modem".

Here's an external article about this


Hope this help you.

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OK 2fly, thanks for those links. I will investigate. JonS