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Discrepancy in NBN speed test results

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I am interested in the wild discrepancy in test results using the Ookla speedtest .net (commonly used by TPG technicians and TPG Engineering) across different tests and would be delighted if TPG or anyone else could shed some light on this.


  • All speeds are in Mbps
  • All tests using Ookla ( on the same device Acer 8GB RAM laptop
  • Windows 10
  • All browser history deleted, discs defragmented
  • All tests conducted consecutively in the early evening
  • NBN-HFC 50/20 plan
  • Nothing running in background

Screenshots attached at end

Tests on Ethernet Cable:

Ookla App:          Ping 11 Download 47.35 Upload 10.34

Firefox:                Ping 60 Download 9.26 Upload 15.71

Chrome:              Ping 255 Download 6.18 Upload 15.44

MS Edge:            Ping 10 Download 45.13 Upload 8.75


Test using Wifi:

Ookla App:          Ping 14 Download 47. 50 Upload 13.40

Ookla App EthernetOokla App EthernetOokla App WiFiOokla App WiFiOn Chrome EthernetOn Chrome EthernetOn Firefox EthernetOn Firefox EthernetOn MS Edge EthernetOn MS Edge Ethernet


Hi @rean 


Were you running these tests 1 at a time or all at the same time?


Looking at the results I can see that bottom 3 with different browsers via Ethernet are all connecting to different servers. (IX Australa, AARNet and Telstra) I would recommend that you change the server to Perth Internode for each browser and run again.





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@KarlBThank you for your reply.

The tests were run seperately and consecutively but some screenshots were only captured at the same time, thus some show similar times.

Your point regarding servers is a good one, I will rerun and post results.




Level 3


I have re-run the Ookla speedtests again using Internode Perth Server as you suggested and attach the results.


The standout worse performers are Firefox and 3G Wifi.


Ookla Speedtest results in Mbps using Internode Perth Server


Using Ethernet Cable

Chrome:-             Ping 18 Upload 42.31 Download 18.18

MS Edge:-           Ping 10 Upload 47.22 Download 16.02

Firefox:-               Ping 52 Upload 29.13 Download 17.27

Ookla App:-         Ping 16 Upload 47.36 Download 10.45


Using 5G WiFi 30cm from Router

Ookla App:-        Ping 12 Upload 41.61 Download 12.25


Using 3G WiFi 30cm from Router

Ookla App:-        Ping 40 Upload 18.13 Download 11.22


I attach Screenshots:

Ookla App 3G WiFiOokla App 3G WiFiOokla App 5G WiFiOokla App 5G WiFiOokla App EthernetOokla App EthernetFirefox EthernetFirefox EthernetMS Edge EthernetMS Edge EthernetChrome EthernetChrome Ethernet


Hi @rean 


When you say "3G Wi-Fi" i'm guessing you’re referring to the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network? (The Wi-Fi network that doesn't have 5g on the end of the name)


You can try playing around with the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi channels, but I recommend you just use the 5ghz network and stop using firefox. I find the 5ghz get less inference.




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Thank you, yes I was referring to 2.4ghz which I only use if I am not close to the router and yes, Firefox sadly will get the boot, it has been my default browser in an anti-Google and anti-Microsoft moment 🤣 but I will just have to bury my pride.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.