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Drop outs every two minutes for the past week

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Hi. Could a service rep please test my connection?


I have been having drop outs every two to five minutes for the past few days on both WiFi and ethernet connections, on multiple devices. My (TPG provided) Huawei modem constantly has both the ADSL and internet lights dropping out and flashing.


I have tried soft resetting, hard resetting, flushing DNS, factory reset, changing WiFi channels and so on, but the problem remains.


TPG user is XXXXXX. Please tell me when you've read this so I can edit comment. Cheers.


**Note: Post has been edited to hide the username for account security purposes.


Hi @catan 


Welcome to the Community!


Based on the tests we've performed, we're detecting a possible line fault that may need to be raised to Telstra. We have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for further investigation. Please expect an update within 24 hours via SMS or phone call on the number we have on file. Should you wish to provide us a different contact number, send me a PM so we can forward it over.


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community




Hi @catan


Our Engineering Team attempted to call you today to schedule a technician appointment but they're unable to reach you. You may reply to the SMS they sent so they can contact you back directly.