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Ever since I have been with tpg I have had nothing but drop outs I've set up the modem perfectly but the manual and its a brand new modem I received from you guys, and now with the Internet being on its not connecting to anything, I want this problem to be resolved or I will be asking for my money back, youse have failed to provide me with the services that I pay for 

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What kind of NBN are you connected to?

I am connected to HFC via a NBN cable modem which then feeds the TPG HG659 modem.

As far as I know, most of the times I lost connectivity to the internet, it was an NBN issue; one could tell by looking at the LEDs on the cable modem - if one of them is not green, that usually spells NBN problems.

At times I had NBN not working for hours (with one or more LEDs on the NBN modem yellow). Invariably, when things went back to normal, all the LEDs on the NBN modem were green.

A few times I experienced slow internet and I would reboot the TPG modem - just in case! ... Afterall, software is notoriously not free from bugs!


I would suggest that you check the status LEDs on your NBN modem whenever you have a dropout to see if it is an NBN fault (perhaps workers are working on the NBN, adding new connections, fixing bad ones) or if it is something that TPG can help you with.

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Hi @amuzeford,


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Apologies for the trouble. I've now made amendments on your connection.


Please monitor connection and let us know should the issue persists.



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Internet was working fine up until about 30 minutes ago now its dropped out and hasn't come back on

Hi @amuzeford


I've ran another test and can see that your modem is connected for the last 12hrs. 


However, I've also seen high upload utilisation last night which might be causing your internet to cut off. 


Most of the time, cloud applications are causing high upload such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. It can also be caused by automatic system upgrade. If you have multiple devices, you can try to leave one device connected to the internet one at a time until you figure out which device is causing the high upload traffic. 


Nevertheless, if the issue persists even after isolating your devices, please let us know and we'll look into this for you further. 


Hi @amuzeford,


Hope you're doing well. Just doing a follow-up regarding the connectivity issues that you've raised last Tuesday. If you are still experiencing any problems with your NBN Speeds, kindly advise us together with your preferred contact number and convenient time to receive a call and I'll be happy to arrange for a TPG Technical Support specialist to contact you to look at your connection and assist with troubleshooting.


For future reference, you may utilise the following links below for some self help options:


Need help online? Please check our self help options located here: http://tpg.com.au/support

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