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Since getting the nbn installed a couple of weeks ago, I have had dropouts every day. I am currently waiting for the fifth nbn technician call, yet the previous four all assured me that the problem was fixed. What other options do I have to get this ongoing problem sorted out?

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Hi @Carnst, thanks for providing the account details via PM. As per checking, the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and this has been lodged to NBN Co.


An NBN technician has been booked to investigate further and we have received your confirmation about the technician appointment.


The team is closely monitoring this case and the assigned engineer will contact you as soon as a new update becomes available.

Level 1b
So this doesn’t answer the actual question really - why haven’t the previous four technicians solved the problem even though they all say that they have fixed it? What will the next technician do that hasn’t been done before?

As per checking, the previous technicians have replaced the cable connectors, removed 3 way splitters and made some repairs in the TAP or the line outside, but it appears that the issue is still ongoing.


Thus, we have reescalated the matter to NBN Co. and they have advised that another technician should come out to investigate further. This is also to fully identify what is causing the issue and check what can be done to resolve it.


As soon as the final report is received from the technician, you will be contacted by the case engineer to discuss the outcome of the visit.