Level 2
I have been having problems with wifi dropping out in other rooms of my house so I followed the instructions given here and changed the channel to 11. This was good for a few hours and then it dropped out in every room in the house and didn’t come back on so I got in and changed it to channel 6. When I first had a look at the channel I was on it said 194 before I made any changes. Can you please check my nbn from your end. I can’t get through on the phone.

Hi lindataylor63,


The channels that you are mention are on 2.4GHz (best channels 1,6,11). If you see more than 3 wifi networks with full bars (signal) you definitely have an EFM interference.

You may need to use the 5GHz (TPG device is capable of it), or a repeater in the worst area of the premises.



Please advice if any assistance is required