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I posted this 24.6.20 and since have had 3 nbn techs out and it’s worse than before. I will be going to the ombudsman if this isn’t resolved because I’m paying for best package and my whole family are resorting to 4g because the continual dropping out is making working or streaming impossible.

Hi I have FTTC NBN install.
Speed is fantastic but I am getting continual dropouts of the Internet almost every 5 or so minutes now.
The DSL and LAN lights on NBN connection box are dropping and the modem seems to be completely restarting with all of the lights going out then slowly coming back on.
This is making it impossible to do anything using the network and has forced us to use 4g where we can which is very frustrating. Not everything has the ability to use 4g either which means we can’t do some things while this problem exists.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you, @jasonladtec.

We have made a follow up with our Engineering Team and we have advised the case engineer to contact you to discuss the status of the case.

Kindly await further updates within the day.

We have also escalated your concern to our Complaints Resolution Team and one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager will be in touch through email or phone call to further discuss the matter.