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Early contract termination

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I have been with TPG for over 20 years.   Last year I swapped from ADSL2 to NBN and last December  I relocated to a new address.   I now wish to terminate the service because I want Fetch TV with Optus Sport, but TPG are insisting on charging me an early contract termination fee (over $300).   Is this fair?


Hi @ds37 ,


All NBN plans have a Minimum Contract Period. The Minimum Contract Period is the minimum period during which you must acquire the service. The Minimum Contract Period commences when the service is activated.

If, during the Minimum Contract Period, you cancel the service or we cancel the service because of your default, you must pay an early termination charge. Such termination fees are set out at additional pricing.


We're able to locate your account using your community details and we've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Account Specialists. I don’t have any further updates differing from what has already been communicated to you. Your experience is important to us, let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1a

I suppose I should thank you for your reply but you told me nothing that I didn't already know and you failed to answer my question.

Please don't patronise me by re-stating your conditions of contract that any person with a modicum of intelligence would have researched prior to entering into a contract.

So, I repeat the question.   Is it fair that after 20 years with TPG and having moved from ADSL to the NBN last year, then changing my address and having to revert back to ADSL and then this year moving to the NBN again, that you have the gall to charge me an early contract termination fee?

A simple yes or no will suffice.



Hi @ds37


We appreciate your loyalty with us. The NBN Fibre Technology is currently being rolled out around the country by the Australian Government. Once the NBN has rolled out in your area, you will have 18 months before the old network (ADSL) will be switched off if you're still on it.

When you change the service from ADSL2+ to NBN TPG you have the option to choose if you wish to transfer with no set up fee but with 18 months re contract or pay $99.95 setup fee with no contract.

On your case you choose to enter into another contract period with us when you tranfered your service from ADSL to NBN.

Thank you.