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Email Outage - Access to Post Office

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After the email outage (from 28/08/2019 - 30/08/2019), I am now unable to access my email through Post Office on the TPG website.  When I try to log in, it tells me the following:

Error: Invalid Username and/or Password. Please check and try again.
This same error started when the email issues started and I can not get to my email online.  The username and password are correct as I can use the same ones to access my account.  The current status page says that there are no issues reported with email when this is clearly not the case.
Please issue a response for a fix to online post office
Level 3

 As of 12.14am 31/8/19, the exact same thing is happening to me as well, mine also started when the email outage started, my username and password are right, as I have not changed them, so over it.

Level 2

Same issue for me. Very frustrating....I expect TPG won't be charging for this month

Level 2

Same issue for me. Extremely frustrating....I agree, I would hope TPG won't be charging for this month!!

Level 2

I can successfully login to my Post Office account on the TPG website