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Email has stopped working

Level 3

Checked email this morning and nothing. It won't connect, just gives me error messages each time I try. The message is too long to try to type it here, main part is 'Temporary authentication failure', then Kakadu followed by a log string of characters.


Tried to send and got another but different error message. '550 mf 508 Sender policy Relay denied'.


I'm using Eudora which has worked for so long I can't even remember - yes, I know it's old.


I can log into my account on their website, but that does not get anything onto my desktop for management / archiving etc.


I opted in to the change to the message company a few weeks ago. This morning I checked and it knows I've already done that.

Level 2

Had the same problem starting from late last night using thunderbird. Seems to have just cured itself???


Level 3

Yep, read that it's now working for you. Just checked mine again and it's now working.


Hi @KimM and @Not-hapi-jan ,


We had known email issues earlier this morning that affected multiple users and have now been resolved. Please re-try accessing your emails and shoot me a PM in the event that you encounter any issues.






Level 3

Thanks for the info. I'm up and running OK again. It's good to know there was a wider problem and I don't have to go looking at my system here.