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Extremely slow ADSL connection and continues dropouts for a few weeks

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Level 3
Got final call from TPG technician yet same answer was given: TPG is unable to solve my issue and I should cancel my services.

Asked the technician to help transferring the call to their customer service and I had to wait for the lady to review my record again and was questioned if I should talk to their technician. I said No because their technicians told me the is NO solution.

All I wanted is for TPG to proceed with the on hold cancellation request and it just seems so difficult. I've been requested to send an email and then wait for someone to contact me. I've sent email but how much longer do I have to wait??!!
Level 3
After sending email to TPG, I submitted the online cancellation form too. I wasn't able to put an earlier cancellation date online and had to leave with the default date, which is one month later. I called TPG again reinstating it should be cancelled as of today and I shouldn't be paying early exit fee either as it wasn't my fault who wanted to move on but simply because TPG had no solution for my issue. I'll see what happens next.....
Level 3
This is my final update. I have cancelled my TPG service and received email confirmation. I am grateful that TPG has provided refund and waved exit fee.

Been a happy customer with TPG for more than 6 years, now it's time to say goodbye.

I am thankful to the technicians who tried their best and also to any people in TPG who tried to help over the phone. I acknowledge that in the end I lost my temper and I apologize here.

Perhaps when NBN becomes available and when I finish my contract with new ISP, I might come back with TPG again.

Bye for now!!

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