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Extremely slow internet after switch from ADSL 2+ to NBN 12 unlimited

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Hi Manuel,

I just upgrade my NBN12 plan from 100GB data to NBN12 unlimited. The speed of internet dropped to less than 10KB. 

I haven't been able to use internet since the switch happened on Friday morning. Only time working properly is before 8:00 am. 

We need work from home, two adault and one student. It was working fine with ADSL2+ and then was fine with NBN12 100GB Data. It just happened after switch from NBN12 100GB data to unlimited and paid extra 10 dollars for the service. 

Could you please urgently attend our internet speed? We will be really in big trouble if we do not have proper connection. Both of us are in essential work industry and we have deadline to meet. 

Please Help. Otherwise we have to find the other way to make things work for us.