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Level 1c

Do you mean I'm correct I dont have to be home??


You're correct that an NBN technician will come out to check the service, @vgiucastro.


The technician will check the line outside up to your telephone socket, thus you are required to be home during the appointment.


Level 1d

Hi again,


after a week trying to find out if the NBN is working or not.

Last week the technician came and connect the line (he change something in the pit).

The first day everything was ok and i was getting speed 46/19.

On Thursday the speed dropped down to 5/18 so i contact the nbn customer service.

I spoke with them and we reset all the equipment and still the speed was 5/18.

He escalated the problem to TPG engineers and after one day the speed was back to normal 46/18 for 2 days.

On Sunday I called again and they told me that they haven’t resolve the issue yet and I have to wait till they call me back.

The speed that i having now is 25/18.


Hi @Stelios, thanks for letting us know.


Our Engineering Team is still investigating why the speed is fluctuating, but we will make a follow up and will have the case engineer contact you to further discuss the matter.

Level 1d

Hi @Riezl,

i haven't recieved any call yet and i am still waiting for someone to tell me why i have a slow speed.

Thanks for your reply anyway.



Hi @Stelios,


I've seen that you have been in touch with one of our Engineers and provided the case progress. We'll keep an eye on this. Rest assured feedback will be provided by our Engineering Team where is possible.


Let me us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1d

Hi there,

after almost 10 days i am writing back.

waiting for TPG to come back with a reason why my speed dropped down after the second day of installation.

One week now they are sending me messages that they are still waiting for a update on Monday they called me telling me they fixed the problem for the peak hours (7pm-11pm). I asked them what about the off-peak hours and the said to me that i never mentioned that I have slow speed during off peak hours. Anyway , I checked again during off-peak and the speed was the same (so nothing it’s been fixed).

They organised a TPG technician to come and check (I told them that the line is ok and they don’t have to send a technician).

The technician came today just to verify what I was telling them.

So no still waiting from TPG to find the problem!!!!!




Hi @Stelios,

Thanks for giving us an update. I can see that the escalated fault handled by our Engineering Team is still open, and your service is still under assessment.


I will pass this on to them and make a follow up at the same time.


Rest assured feedback will be provided within the day.



Level 1d

Hi @Shane

thanks for your reply.



You're always welcome, @Stelios.

I am looking forward for this issue to be rectified soon.

I'll keep an eye on this case. Please expect a call from one of our Engineers for the update anytime today.