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Fallback 4G capability for TPG routers

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I was installing a new iiNet router at our local church a couple of months ago, and it came with a SIM card and 4G fallback capability. That was at an identical NBN connection price to what I'm paying TPG.


Our NBN connection was down again today and caused enough annoyance that I realised that a fallback 4G service would be kind of nice to have. 


Anyway, I contacted TPG and asked about a 4G fallback router, saying I'd like one if it was available. Nope, we don't have one was the answer. I replied that if other service providers could supply 4G fallback NBN routers, including a TPG group company, why not TPG?

The only thing I was offered was a 4G modem, at extra cost, not a 4G fallback router.


TPG have reduced the services available across the group, like email (and web) hosting services, and that's going to cost more once the honeymoon period is over with TMC . Web hosting adds yet more cost, and I've just been informed of a price increase for our NBN intenet connectivity.


Perhaps I'm being naive, but I have had enough business experience to realise that if you're offering an inferior service that costs the same as one from your competitors, you'd better have something special to make up the diference. TPG used to have prompt (low wait times in phone queues) and competent support services, but recent experience indicates that's no longer the case either.


To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that my primary email account is with TPG/TMC, I'd rprobably be an ex-TPG customer because they have offered me absolutely no other reason to stay on board. They don't appear to care that I've been a loyal customer for well over a decade.


I suppose the TPG executives aren't worried about churn as long as marketting keeps getting new customers on board with the offer of discounted tariffs, but wouldn't it be more profitable to keep the customers paying full price on board? Do they realise that some consumers churn from one provider to another so they can stay on discounted rates?


How about  providing some incentives to existing customers, rather than reducing services and using them as cash cows?