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Forced email account closure- Inept response

Level 4

For customers who have been recently advised that TPG will be forcibly closing down customer’s email address having  Picknowl, Chariot, and possibly other email addresses please be aware of the following.

In my recent experience, the email addresses are closed or deactivated in a manner where TPG refuse to provide a warning message such as an Error 550 (not available) message back the sender of an email to that address after it has been closed and therefore not available.

If you have had a similar email address closed recently (or in the near future), I suggest that you check whether a standard error message warning of the closure of your address is returned back to the sender advising that the message will not be delivered.

In my case, after the continuous refusal of TPG to even recognise and understand the issue let alone rectify the problem, I have been forced to submit a formal complaint to the TIO who have accepted the complaint. I suggest that other customers of TPG who are affected in a similar way consider doing the same.
The alternative, as I have found, is for you and your legitmate concern to continue to be treated by TPG with complete disinterest and with what I regard as contempt.