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Gate phone connection to NBN

Level 1b

I have liaised with TPG sales re a proposed new NBN package but cannot resolve a potential phone issue.

My existing phone system utilises a wired ie non-wireless phone at the street which activates the gate lock. This can be answered and the gate latch activated from any phone handset in the dwelling.

While I have wired extension points and the system was designed for that I actually utilise a wireless system (Panasonic KX-TGH220AZ) comprising a base station and 3 x handsets.

NBN is now available in my street andI'm proposing a TPG NBN50 package but am led to believe that my wireless gate-phone functionality might have to be abandoned which would be very disruptive.

Is this the case? Any help gratefully received.


Thank you




This operates on any wired extension however I use a wireless phone system of base station and 3 x wireless handsets. I need to retain the gate phone interaction facility.

It is unclear to me whether


Level 8

Hi @lowtech To get a better understanding of your setup could you provide as much detailed information as possible, things like what button/s on the phone you press to activate the door strike, is it a single digit or a 4 digit pin or an entire external number etc, what brand and model of each device etc, is the door strike hardware powered remotely from the house or locally at the gate etc.