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High ping in games during peak hours at night time FTTC

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Hi all, the past 2 nights im getting pings of over 120 in any online game i play which are mainly bf5 and COD modern warfare. before this everything is fine! downlods speed and uploads are fine, its just the ping which is causing to be unplayable! is this tpg congestion or something else?


Hi Krasi,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the latency you're experiencing during online gaming.


We've checked our network monitoring tools, and cannot see any excess latency or congestion issues within TPG's network.


The vast majority of gaming servers are hosted overseas, typically in America or Asia. Since gaming is highly dependent upon low latency (or low pings), the extreme distances between Australia and most gaming servers means that maintaining low pings can be difficult.


Once this happens, any latency experienced is not something that TPG can pursue or address, as any such network fault or congestion does not lie within our network.


To make sure your gaming is running as efficiently as possible, ensure:

* No other Internet users are using your connection whilst you're gaming.

* No computers, smart phones, smart-TVs, consoles and other Internet-aware appliances are using the connection.

They may be downloading updates, TV schedules, or any variety of content that would negatively affect your gaming.

* Try to have your gaming PC or console connected via Ethernet to your router. Wireless is prone to interference and other factors which can influence ping times.


The Internet is a very complex network, and we do have network issues at times that might mean latency is increased; to see if there are currently any issues on our own local network, please perform the following tests.

* Open a command prompt or terminal window, and type:


This will ping our DNS servers, returning a result that should be quite low (the response will be the "time" it takes for the ping to travel to and return from our DNS servers, in milliseconds). Please let us know what your result is.


Feel free to search Community for help with your issue, or contact us and we'd be glad to assist you.




Level 2

hello and thank you for the reply! ive done the ping to the DNS servers, its low this morning! ill do it tonight during peak times when im experiencing high pings, well have been the last 2 nights! soon as it hits 10pm my ping goes back to normal? but yes at the moment im getting a 5ms ping to the DNS servers! hope to see that tonight!


thanks again for getting back to me

Level 2

hi again, ive taken a screenshot this time during peak times and my pings are high even to the DNS servers! only happens during peak times. if this keeps happening i will cancel service and go with someone else