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High ping while playing pubg mobile

Level 2
Hi, just had an issue while playing online game. I am experiencing high ping while playing pubg mobile before it used to be very fast with 52ms ping but now it go up to 250ms. I don’t no what is wrong with the network.

Hi @Dorjiwangchuk92 ,

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From our system, we can see all  test are passing, we don't know about pubg software but you can check if there are any other devices effecting this that may be running on background, plus the distance between your mobile to the router can effect too. Hope this may help you,



Level 3

I have the same experience as well. Joining all SEA server games, with 250 ping, compared to previous 50 to 70 ping. TPG engineers can't answer when I asked why it went up and they say its out of thier control..


Quite alot of people are experiencing this issue at the moment..

Level 2

Hi @sajalm ,


pubg mobile is a game that is being used by lots of people in Australia too. It used to have good ping few months back but now it is not working properly as expected. I am paying 70$ per month for NBN 50 plan and still getting poor ping (i.e. 250-300+) ping in SEA server. I used to have around 80-100 ping with same SEA server few months back. What change has been implemented within the TPG routing table or server. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. since, I am not on contract basis with TPG. unfortunately, I have to change my ISP with good ping provider. 



Level 2

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