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Home phone & internet has not been working for several days

Level 2

Hi, could someone from your technical support please call me on 0419685615 to resolve the issue of my home phone & internet not working for several days now & has been an ongoing problem for over 18 months, ive tried the online chat support numerous times but alway get the same reply that they are all busy & to try again later, I've also taken screen shots of everytime i've attempted to contact TPG. If this is not resolved soon i will be cancelling my TPG home phone & internet after being with you's for approx ten years.


Hi @wayne61 


I just checked our systems and it looks like an ADSL FAULT has been created for your service.


One of our engineers should contact you within 24-48hrs.




Level 2
Hi, I've been trying to call you guys but due to this pandemic I couldn't. My phone calls and data stopped working due to lack of payment, I want this to be fixed ASAP. 0410120185, EMAIL - please get back to me.