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How do I upgrade my NBN sync speed?

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Has anyone been through the process of getting their NBN speed reviewed and improved?

I've got FTTN with a sync speed of ~30Mbps (at the time of connection 2 years ago) that delivers somewhere in the 20Mbps download speed (90% of the time).


But I have a yearning for more, particualrly working from home at this stage. I've been trying to find a route to request a review or push for an upgrade.


Does it exist? Has anyone else done it? How did you go about it?




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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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NBN FTTN sync speed is restricted by how far you are from the Node. If you are too far away from the Node you may not even see the speed that your plan is enabled for. In your case you are on the NBN50 plan, but you are only getting 30M sync speed. This indicates that you are already too far from the Node to obtain your full 50M download speeds that your profile will allow.

This is a physical limitation of cabling and no matter which plan you are on you will not be able to increase this speed.

The only other possibility for increased speed is to ensure that your internal household cabling is as simple as possible and that you have just one phone socket terminated on or as close to the Leadin cable from the street as you can. Multiple internal phone sockets can have a big impact on sync speed.


Below is a graph of what speeds are deemed acceptable for the distance from the Node.


I hope this helps.