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How to Handle Scam Calls/ Emails


How to Handle Scam Calls/ Emails


In today’s technology, scammer can easily do their job by simply spoofing someone's phone number and disguising the number they are calling from by changing the caller ID.


Please check below on what to do if you receive a suspicious call or calls from Fake Telstra technician or TPG technician threatening to disconnect your service or telling you that your service has a problem. And if you receive an email from your bank or other institutions asking you to update personal information. The email contains the actual logo or images to make it look legitimate. This is a scam, do not comply.


What to do?


  • Ignore such calls and emails

  • Do not follow any instructions provided to you.

  • Do not believe anything they say.

  • You should never provide your personal or financial information to unknown callers.

  • Hang up on the phone.

  • If the scammer leaves a messages, do not return the call.

  • You may filter those scam emails and block them.
  • You may ring TPG help desk and dial 13 14 23 option 2 for technical support to further assist you.


How to report the scam?


To report a scam, visit




This is already a known scam and has been reported to ACCC last August 2011.

Visit the link below to know more about this.




Here is the latest article from ACCC Scam watch last 6 April 2018



Things to remember


  • TPG will never ask you to provide payment before we troubleshoot the technical issue

  • TPG will never ask you to read your credit card details verbally on the phone. We are using Automated System to secure the process of your monthly dues.