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How to update Bizphone credit card details

Level 4

I need to update the credit card details on my Bizphone account.  The only method offered uses a connection to phone.  When this doesn't work there is no alternative.

It's not possible to access a Bizphone account through the internet as is possible with other TPG accounts.

So until there's a viable option for the Bizphone I'll just have to keep trying using different phones in the hope that one will work or let the account collapse.

(there is also no Bizphone option on the TPG Help Line, or in the Board of the forum)


Hi @Ascidian99, please send us a private message with your Bizphone service account number so we can advise our Bizphone Team to contact you for assistance.


Please also include your best contact number.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

Level 4

Hi Riezl,

thanks for your offer but I was eventually able to find a phone, and a phone number*, that worked and I was able to update the cc details. 

But the original comment, that to rely wholly on one method and not have any alternative process at all for backup isn't a good look, still stands.


*please see separate question floated yeterday asking for correct phone number for Bizphone support/accounts as listed ones don't get you to the right place.