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I have a very slow upload speed on NBN

Level 2

My upload range mostly range from 0.45 to 0.8mbps depending on which testing app I use.  This is very slow and it appears that many people are experiencing similar speed issue as in the support questions.  
Can you please check for me.  Thank you.



Hi @towin,


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We'd like to look into this and check what can be done to improve the speed you are getting at the moment.


Please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and address as we were unable to locate the account using your community details.


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Hi @towin,


Thank you for providing your account details via email.


From what I can tell you're on the NBN12 plan which means that your download speed can go as high as 12Mbps while you can get up to 1Mbps for upload.


There's actually no guaranteed number for the upload, but based on the test results I have, your modem is detecting more than 1Mbps from the line. The most likely issue you're having is the transfer rate from the modem to your devices. This could be due to either bandwidth sharing or WIFI-related issue.


Can you provide me the following:

  1. Number of devices connected to your modem (wired or wireless). Can you perform a test with just one device connected?
  2. Do you have a computer/laptop hardwired to the modem? Can you run a test and see how it goes?


Nonetheless, I have refreshed your connection on my end to see if that will help. Can you run another speedtest? Let me know how it goes.