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I have been waiting for 2.5 weeks for internet from TPG!!! Still waiting now!!!

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I have been waiting for 2.5 weeks for internet from TPG!!! Still waiting now!!!

I moved to a new unit and TPG website said that I could go for NBN, so TPG charged me $30 on 17th April for a modem to go for NBN plan.

I have been waiting for one week. I called TPG using my mobile data and I have been waiting on the line for hours and hours then the line was cut. Eventually, I managed to contact them & they said that I had cancelled my request for installation although I didn't do anything at all. So I have to start the queue again.

Then I waited for another week. NBN technician came on 1st May which is two weeks after TPG charged me for the modem for the NBN plan.

To my greatest disappointment, the NBN technician told me that my place has no NBN connection & that he would let TPG staff know.

I called TPG using my mobile data again since Friday. I called and waited for 1 hr. 55min then the line was cut. Or whenever someone answered the call, they said that they had to transfer me to case manager or other department to get help. The line keeps dropping off.

I have been calling TPG for more than 10 hours now..... but nothing have been done so far. I'm calling TPG right now, being transferred to talk to two different people and I have waiting for more than an hour now.... still waiting.....

I need to work from home because of COVID-19 but I got no internet from TPG since 16th April!!! More than 2 weeks!!!

Lisa in despair..... Customer ID: 5401915


Hi Lisa


I looked up your account and it seems you have spoken with a TPG representative and they are following this up for you.




Level 2

Hi Peter/ staff on duty,


TPG just sent an email to me saying that the NBN order was put on hold due to 'Core Network Shortfall'. The email says that it may take weeks to complete the work. I did call TPG & request for ADSL but your colleague said no! I really don't understand why not TPG temporarily provides ADSL service to me while I have to wait for a FEW WEEKS + 2.5 weeks I have been waiting for internet.

It's COVID-19 now & I'm working from home. I have to run around my friends to beg them let me use their internet data everyday since 16th April. Some family members don't like me running around different household & some of my friends have stopped me from attending their house coz their family members are afraid that I may catch the virus by running around.

My next door neighbour is using TPG ADSL, why can't TPG provides temporary ADSL to me while fixing th NBN issue?! I'm not new to TPG. It's not new ADSL service. Just relocating ADSL service from my old address to the new address. Can't TPG be a bit more flexible?! It's COVID-19 & I have to run around different household & I was being rejected by friends & their family!!!

Lisa who is very disappointed & in despair..... Customer ID: 5401915