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I reset my modem last week and have been unable to reconnect since.

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I reset my modem last week and have not been able to reconnect since. The modem says it is connected, my laptop shows the Wifi connection as 'secured', but I have 'no internet access' and am unable to access anything. Lights on the modem are on, I have obvioulsy tried turning the modem on/off, laptop restart, clear the wifi connection and try again... nothing is working.  


I have tried phone support (after waiting on hold for 5 mins I got a voiceover saying try online support instead as phone support is limited, before promptly hanging up on me). Online chat support has been saying "our team members are currently servicing other customers. We apreciate your patience. Please try again later" since last Thursday. Chat support suggests downloading your new TPG app to skip the queues, but alas that is also not working!


PLEASE can someone contact me and help to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks




Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address and mobile number so i can check status here.




Hi alanajayne83,


Try below troubleshooting which might can help. I believe you have Huawei Hg659 modem.


Have your modem powered on and connected directly to your PC via Ethernet Cable or over computer before you begin. If you don't have wired  compatible device  then you need to connect default Wireless network after reset of network, you can find default wireless network name and password on sticker of router.
Now you need to reset modem, you can reset modem by pressing reset button  for 30 secs which is  located back side.
  1. Open your browser and in the address bar type and press Enter
  2. Enter admin for both the username and password and click Login.
       If you have changed the login credentials, please enter the current
       username and password for your modem interface.
  3. You will see the screen shown on the right.
       Click Start Wizard.     
  4. Enter your TPG username and password.
       Click Next
  5.  You can change your WiFi details or elect to keep the default settings. The default WiFi SSID is WiFi-xxxx (xxxx is a random 4 digit alphanumeric code printed on the sticker underneath your modem). By default, the WiFi password is printed on a sticker underneath your modem (WLAN Key).
     Click Save.
     Quick Setup complete!