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I transferred NBN from TPG to iiNet. Do I need to do more procedure for TPG service cancellation?

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Hi, I transferred the NBN service and home phone sevice from TPG to iiNet beacuse they provided 4G backup. The transfer of NBN and home service is completed this week. I received an email from TPG about "NBN Cancellation Request Received".  It menetioned 30 days notice and it stated the final amounts they deducted. I checked my credit card and final amount is deducted.

My question is that

"Do I still need to send email to TPG" for cancallation my existing service  to prevent further charging of tth service? 

Or it already processed automatically  and I don't need further action?

Thank you !



Hi @thomasn_ng,  


If you have churned your NBN to another ISP, our system will automatically lodge an account termination and you'll be notified. It seems that you already received it and the 30-day notice is on-going. You can also send me a screenshot of the cancellation email that you received for validation. 

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