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I was told I would be reconnected to TPG Small Business in 3 days

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I've been calling TPG customer service every day since Sunday 12/03/2022 over what a simple issue of a router reset and intenet connection issue. For the last several days I've been without the fixed IP address I required to do my business because TPG downgraded my small business plan to residential without notifying me of the change before it happened. On Monday I was told the service would be restored in 3 days. Yesterday, I was told that a lady by the name of Izy would call me back on the restoration. I asked how long I can expect this problem to be solved but she said she could NOT tell me when it will get fixed. Each time I call TPG I need to wait between 5 to 10 minutes to have the phone called transferred from helpdesk to change of account to technical support even though I was told I'd get somebody from business to look into this issue. On one occasion, TPG business was closed because it went outside business hours. Who do I call to fix this issue?


Hi @v1ch3tk1m


We'll chase this up with our Engineering Team and have your assigned case engineer to contact you at the soonest. Please PM your TPG account details and preferred callback number/time. 

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