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Inactive account want to connect new NBN connection

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Hello, I have an account that was activated for ADSL but I disconnected it to get cable in my area. I can still log into the account though.


Now I'm moving to a new house and want to connect to NBN in the area using my old account so I can keep my user name. How do I go about doing this? If I try and register for NBN through the account it comes up with an error?


Why way I can use my old account with a new NBN service?

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The exact error is


When contacting TPG, please quote this error code: < E:renew:dont_renew >


Hi @hoochiemamma,


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Thanks for reaching out to us!


Once an account has been fully terminated, you won't be able to use the associated username to sign up for a new TPG service. A new username has to be created for the account. However, if you're simply relocating the service to another address, then you should be able to use that same username.


Can you PM me the username you're trying to use to sign up for NBN service? We detected 3 records at our end and we want to clarify which one you're trying to sign up with for us to know if you can still use it or not.


How to PM? Check this link.




Hi @hoochiemamma


Thanks for providing the information via PM. Unfortunately, the username you provided can no longer be utilized since the account that was associated to it has been fully terminated.


At this point, you will need to create a new username.



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No problem, thanks!

You're welcome, @hoochiemamma.


Let me know if you need assistance in placing the order so we can organize a call with our Sales Team.