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Hi, I registered for your Fibre service since 31st of March and I agreed to the term of 10-20 working days wait. I waited for a couple of weeks and here is the timeline of everything I've been through.


28th April - Sent an email regarding the installation, it was suppose to be within 10-20 working days.


29th April - Received a call from TPG a day after, you guys told me you fail to provide me service because you guys have the wrong email address which made me laugh because I think you could've reach me through the mobile phone number I provided you guys, but we still manage to setup an installation appointment on 2nd of May 8AM-12PM.


30th April - Called customer service to inform that MDF room will only be accessible during 7AM till 3.30PM and there is a construction work going on right infront of our building, just in case if I can't hear the door bell please have the contractor contact me on my mobile phone.


2nd May - Waited for your contractor from 7.30AM till 10AM someone rang the doorbell, I opened up the door and tried to talk to him through the intercom and he can't hear me at all, he rang the doorbell second time I did the same thing again unlock the door and try to talk to him but he walked away right after he couldn't hear me. I rushed downstairs to see if I can find him but he left. I contacted your customer service right away asking them if there is anyway i can contact the contractor or can you guys please contact him letting him know I'm available.


12.30PM I called customer service again asking did she manage to get in touch with the contractor because it's already past the appointment hours, she told me to keep waiting for a text message or a call back from the contractor and I even made sure that she had the right mobile phone number so that she or the contractor won't be contacting the wrong person.


2.30PM I called customer service once again and letting her know the MDF room will be closing at 3.30PM, will the contractor be able to make it today, she told me she's waiting for a report from the technician/contractor and I told her please update me with she heard anything from them.


6PM I called again, asking if you guys received any report from the technician/contractor, she told me she will update me the next day.


3rd May - 4.30PM I called you guys again, she told me that the technician rang on the intercom multiple times and no one answered however they are suppose to call my mobile phone number blah blah blah, so I lodged a complain on the phone, I wanted to setup a second installation appointment but she told me that she can only let me know of the next available date for appointment after 48 hours, and she found out that my contact number in your system is WRONGGGGG for the whole time, and I wonder why the customer service I called yesterday didn't notice that even after I made sure they have the right number.


6th May - 4.30PM I called AGAIN, she asked when is the prefered time for the appointment, I said as soon as possible and I'm available tomorrow (7th May), she said the earliest appointment I can get was 8th May 1PM-5PM and asked if I'm available for this appointment, I said "Yes of course, since it's 1PM-5PM I thought I can just leave work earlier and get this thing done for gooood".


7th May - 5.30PM I called you guys again because I don't received any email, SMS, call from you guys regarding the confirmation of the appointment, went to and no appointment info show up at all, and she apologize because the technician/contractor fail to send me any confirmation, so I asked do I still need to be at home tomorrow since there is no confirmation from the technician until now and she said YES.


8th May - Left work early, waited for your technician/contractor till 2.30PM, decided to give you guys a call AGAIN, and your customer service told me "I'm so sorry for your inconvenience but I don't see any appointment booked for today." We talked for half an hour on the phone me asking dozens of WHY and she gave me dozens of SORRY.


I contacted you guys for so many times, your customer service promised to give me update, a call back, a text message, but I have receive nothing from you guys other than the invoice asking for payment. You guys will never give me any update until I call you guys, they even told me that they will escalate this case further and email the contractor to offer me priority blah blah blah but still here I am.


Can you please let me know, is there anything I can do to get my Fibre internet as soon as possible other than talking to your never helpful customer service?


Hi @aidenxxiv,


Welcome to the community!


We're able to locate your account using your community details and we received your initial complain with the same issue with your FTTB service installation on our Social Media Page


As discussed on our Facebook conversation, this issue has been raised to our FTTB Provisioning Team and arranged one of our Provisioning Case Manager to contact you to ( today between 4-5PM AEST) provide update with your installation also to clarify the information we have on file.


Further updates will be provided via Facebook to avoid redundancy and confusion.