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Installation carelessness

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Why is it that I am paying money for a service I cannot use? I have already mentioned to TPG consultant that We will be moving houses, and The consultant said the installation date for NBN was on the 8/05/20, todays the 23/05/20. I have been calling the TPC call centre countless times asking for my installation date. No one has ever gave me a proper answer, everyone parked me to the TPG app which is absolutely garbage and the TPG app is so useless, it does not contain jack about my intallation date. The irresponsible call centre and the lack of initiative that TPG is taking is appaling. WE HAVE UNI AND WORK THAT WE HAVE TO DO FROM HOME. WHY AM I STILL PAYING YOU, WHY IS NO ONE GIVING ME ANY UPDATES ON OUR NBN INSTALLATION? If this is not sorted within within the next 24 hours and we dont have an update by then, i will be involving the ombudsman into this conversation.

Hi @srichilivoju 

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your Full Name, CID (customer identication number) and your mobile phone number, so I can take a look at your service?