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Installation time says between 2 to 30 days. If my installation time is well over this is there some kind of compensation?

Hi @Jessicaramsey61 ,


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In the event that the installation time exceed on the given installation time frame, we do usually escalate it to our Provisioning Team for investigation and assessment. 


We're able to locate the account using your community details we can see that the installation is still in progress and within the time frame.


Let us know should you require further asssitance.





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Thanks for the reply and yes my installation is still in progress but definitely not within the 2-30 day time frame. I ordered and paid on December 9 2020 which is already 36 days ago and still not installed. I was originally booked for installation on 6 January and got an email 2 hours before with no explanation as to why to say it’s been rescheduled to February 17 which was just too long in my opinion. After days of me calling and complaining and no one ever ringing me back like they kept saying they would I got rescheduled to February 11 and after more complaining it is now rescheduled to February 1st. So even if my installation goes ahead on February 1st (which I am not very confident it will to be honest) that will be 54 days after I ordered and paid for this service- well over the 2-30 days. Thanks

Hi @Jessicaramsey61,


TPG is a prepaid service; your initial payment is comprised of an installation fee and your 1st month fee. 

By operating this way we are able to keep costs down to continue offering the best value deals possible to our customers. 


The installation process begins as soon as we receive these specified funds from the customer.


The initial billing cycle commences when your install is complete. Having said that, your billing hasn't started yet. Nonetheless, we have forwarded your message to our Provisioning Team.