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Intermittent packet loss

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I've been getting intermittent packet loss since joining TPG on the NBN in Kelvin Grove, QLD in August. I've previously had HFC with Telstra at this location. This issue occurs  ~5-10 times daily with varying severity. The below PingPlotter shot is a typical incident and it will correct after about 5-10 mins. Or if I power cycle my black box.


During an incident:

  • My download is intially unaffected and my upload is an issue.
  • Completing a speed test during this times gives me a download speed but an "Upload test error". 
  • At the start, and during a VoIP call, I can hear my caller but they are unable to hear me.
  • Eventually my connection will drop out.

To troubleshoot, I've tried:

  • Having an NBN technican come out to test the line (no issue)
  • NBN replacing the connection in the utility box (just to be safe)
  • NBN replacing the NTD black box (just to be safe)
  • Running a tracert and sending to TPG for analysis during morning/evening
  • Changing my DNS from TPG to Google
  • Removing the router and connecting directly to NTD black box
  • Replacing the router

Any ideas would be appreciated thank you



Hi davidtran81,


Since when do you have this problem? Have you check for any outage on NBN?

Level 2
Hello and thanks for your reply. I often do check the outage website but there is often a delay of between 2hrs and a day on that website being updated with current data. Often the issue is gone by then. This issue is intetmitrant and seems to only last about 5 mins for each incident.



Let me check my system and see if we can do some troubleshooting on your NBN HFC.

Level 2

Thank you for your assistance so far. As promised, an NBN technician came onsite yesterday. After completing line tests, they replaced a connector in the utility box. While this initially appeared to resolve the issue; in the evening I received additional packet loss and some drop outs. This issue is still occuring.


I would like to take acknowledge the fantastic service I'm receiving from TPG. Unfortunately it would appear we are at the whim of NBN Co but TPG have been very proactive.


I received a call from TPG this morning saying that they tested my line overnight and still acknowlege there is an issue and have reescalated the issue back to NBN.




Level 2

Thank you TPG and NBN  for your support. The issue was resolved after NBN replaced the HFC cable from the pole to my utility box. Service has been stable since then with no significant packet loss.