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Intermittent wifi connection NBN FTTC - no fixed line (Ethernet) connection

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Hi there,


I've unsuccessfully attempted to resolve this issue using online chat without success.


Since 16 March 2020, we have had ongoing problems with the internet connection.


With the exception of a couple of hours, we have had no ethernet fixed line connection to the internet via our PC. I connected via laptop via ethernet and it worked for a couple of hours but no longer.


We're connecting via the modem router you provided which is the TP-Link Archer VR1600V.


The wi-fi does work, but is very patchy. Sometime the 2.4 GHZ connection works, then it doesn't and the 5 GHZ connection works.


I have teenage kids completing school work and it's very frustrating for them to have to regularly swap connections so they can do their work.


I have swapped ethernet cables, swapped ports in the back of the modem router you provided.

I have reset the modem a number of times which hasn't made any difference. This means using the pin to reset it, as well as rebooting and turning off and on at the power.


I've tried connecting at different times of the day and night, including early morning. Still no success.


I bought a wifi dongle which is the only way I can connect my desktop PC to the internet, otherwise it's just a dumb terminal. The connection is still patchy even though it is right next to the modem router.


Please assist.


Thanks in advance.

Level 2

I have had the same problem and after reading other posts have found the answer. On the PC in the Ethernet Configuration - DISABLE Energy efficient ethernet  and then do a restart - problem solved.