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Internet Droping out proof

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I hope you all are well. It has been a horrifying experience from the TPG customer service till now.
Let me explain my query: 
My sister was giving her online exam on 18th June 2020. However, around 1:30 pm, the internet went off for a few minutes. When it came back again, it was too late as the exam link was gone. 
So, she contacted her university and they asked her to provide proof from the internet provider. 
I contacted TPG on 19th June and they said they will call me back but no one called me back. 
I contacted TPG on 22nd of June, this time I was able to get hold of a tech support named Paul. He checked and confirmed that on that day, the internet did go on and off. I asked him if he could provide me with a report and he said to check it in my TPG account but I couldn't find it there. 
Around 9:00 pm, I called tpg, the tech support guy said I will be contacted next morning in regards to the report. 
Today, 23rd June, I have been trying to contact tech support but nobody knows anything about the situation. I have been following up everyday but there is tech support in phillipine, sitting at home, dogs barking from behind, doesn't know a ** about anything says i will follow up. 
So, How can I get assistance from TPG? How much extra money I have to pay for a proper service? 
Where can i complain in regards to the lack of training and knowledge provided to the techsupport.
Looking forward to hear from you 



I have sent you a PM with the information that you were looking for.