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Internet and landline is not working from last three days

Level 2

Hello Team,

Like you guys we are also working from for the office from last three days the internet is not at all working and since we are trying to reach you guys through online chat and the person is telling us that they are connect us to the manager and nothing happened, After that no manager will get in touch with us.
And today the chat itself is not all working.
We are really frustrated and fed up. We may loose our jobs because of you guys. we are some how maintaining this with the mobile data using hot spot. If you dont fix this at the earliest then I will go further actions to sue you.
Kindly put your foot in our shoes and understand our situation.
I am attaching the chat history as well.
Account number:5617194
Level 2

Yeah you are right siva, This may cause to loose your jobs as well. I dont understand how come they are not responding from last three days. Really Pathetic.So Sad. I pity on you.