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Internet effectively useless and TPG support channels not contactable, please help.

Level 2

My internet is effectively down and has been for over a week.


I have tried to call support numerous times without success with the phone call either terminated by TPG or me giving up after waiting on hold for a hour or so.


The constant message from all the TPG support is to get onto the internet and use that support. This is possibily the dumbest idea I have heard. How can I get on the internet to solve a problem with my internet being down. I don't have a smartphone to download the APP. I don't have enough internet to be able to talk to the Support CHAT. The phone line support won't pickup. I have no options.


I live in Holland Park Queensland and my connection has been so slow that I am unable to even bring up a Google home page before even trying a speedtest. It does appear to have some contact as my phone is still working.


My son has been over, in contravention of the Corona guidelines, due to me not being able to contact TPG support. He had a second computer and network cable to directly connect to the TPLink VR1600v router and he had the same issue of terribly slow internet. Again, not even a google page could load. Both the NBN cable modem and the TPG supplied router were both rebooted. This didn't improve the speed at all.




PS.. As I have no internet, my son is posting this on behalf in the hope that TPG support will finally help out a the vunnerable while isolated at home. Being over 60 I am not to leave my flat in these days of Corona.

Level 2

Just to confirm the lack of Support. On behlaf of my mother this morning I have called the support phone line. It hung up on me after 1 minute. I started a chat box with Support and waited 1 hour to get to a person. The support person called PRINCE asked one question that I answered straight away. 'PRINCE' the support person then closed the chat down without even an explaination of why he closed the chat. This support is probably the worse I have seen ever. Can TPG support really be this bad! Shame on you.