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Internet keeps dropping out

Level 2



For the past couple of months i have noticed the internet appears very slow. Closer monitoring it seems as though the connection is actually dropping out and then is normal speed again.

I have removed all other devices from the modem and rebooted / factory restarted numerous times and although it appears to work initially, within 10 minutes it is repeating the cycle. I have also replaced the etherned cable and checked the nbn cable is firmly screwed in. modem is an archer vr1600v and although i  have looked for a firmware update, i can only find reference guides on the tpg site. I have been running the tpg speedtest frequently with interesting results, on certain runs it gives a stable outbound connection of 47.3 Mbps but you can clearly see when the connection is interrupted as the speed steps down to zero or reports the server can't be reached.

Please assist