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Internet not working

Level 1b
Its been 2 days that the internet is down. I have tried to call the technical support team but even after staying online for 10 min no answer from TPG. Its really frustrating as even after 2 days and series of messages and call there's no answer neither any support from TPG.
Hope the problem gets solved soon.
Level 3
I’m not hopeful for you ..TPG is pretty poor service wise. You do need to remove that plastic off your router though’re blocking the vents that let heat escape and run the risk of overheating the modem

Hi @Aayush


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for raising this with us. I tried to pull up your account using your community details to check what's affecting your service, however, I'm not able to find an exact match.


Can you send me a PM providing your TPG username / customer ID and the service address so we can check it for you? For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community




Hi @Aayush 


Thank you for providing your details via PM. It seems like your connection has been restored already.  What what I can tell, your service reconnected on February 23 at 7:50AM.


Are you still having trouble with the internet? Let us know if you do so we can check it further.