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Internet outage and slowdown

Level 2
Is something wrong, TPG? My internet was perfectly fine up until 1pm yesterday when I experienced an outage of a few hours. When my internet returned it was extremely slow and unreliable, and as of an hour ago, has gone completely dead again. I know all is okay on my end, so what is going on?

Hi @whoiscraig,


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I was able to locate your account using your community details and I can see that you have been raised this concern to our Social Media Account on Twitter.

Our Social Media Support raised this to our Engineering Team for further test and invesitigation as initial test result shows a line fault causing dropouts on your service.


Assessment may take 24-48hrs and updates will be provided by one of our Engineers via SMS or Phone call, and to avoid redundancy and confusion we'll keep you updated on Twitter. Let me know should you require further assistance