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Is Huawei modem locked

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Appreciate the reply.


start by fixing this, which for gaming is a deal breaker. Your network ppl have a lot to answer for... it’s one thing to be at the top of speed charts - but it’s far from the complete picture:


Then, unlock your routers and stop using custom firmware to lock customers in - prove you trust your service enough not to lock it behind a root password you refuse to give out - the custom firmware which you modified further last year to make sure we couldn’t recover and decrypt your config settings so it could be used with other voip services.


Then bring home your call centres, and employ staff who know what they are doing from a technical viewpoint. It’s hard to believe I needed to explain routing tables, peering and route advertisement to a TPG network engineer ... wow. Just ... wow.


When you’re done with that lot, post a reply and I’ll reconsider my decision. In the meantime... I wish you well.


...and just remember ... you’re the one who asked... Smiley Wink